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WingBoard Prototype Project

Wyp Aviation – The Experimental WingBoard 


The Evoke Aviation Team with the WingBoard

“Wake-boarding for the sky”, that’s what the creators of the WingBoard are calling this thrill-seeking invention. This interesting innovation lets the rider “carve the sky”, and operates in some ways like a glider. The board is pulled behind a small airplane and can pull stunt-like aerobatic maneuvers if desired. All of this came out of the mind of Aaron Wypyszynski, a flight test engineer and pilot who worked out of Huntsville, AL. (Reppin’ the Rocket City!)

As chance would have it, we met Aaron and his family at a restaurant in Wisconsin on our way back from Airventure 2016. From this chance meeting, we struck up a partnership that allowed us the chance to design and paint the board prototype. This board was then taken to the set of the show, Shark Tank, where premiered for the first time with the new look. We are very proud to have been a small part of this project, and want to give you all a backstage view of what goes on in our shop! For that reason, we have included a video of the paint process from start to finish below. 


I hope you enjoyed our post about the WingBoard! We had lots of questions about this project when we first learned about it, as I’m sure you do, too. To learn more about the WingBoard, visit


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